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About Me

The secret to mindfulness is that it’s a process, not a destination.  The journey of growth is lifelong.


It can either be hard, or it can be easy.


I’m Bryn Biemeck, and I help disruptors to disrupt themselves.  The brain is a computer, and I can show you how to hack it to make your journey stress-free and a hell of a lot easier.


The tools I teach are the ones that I’ve used for my own transformation from overly anxious and depressed to being empowered to radically change my life.


When I got divorced in 2015, I had nothing.  I didn’t even take silverware or plates or practical things.  It was like starting over at 18, but with the debt of a 28 year old who hadn’t been great at managing her money.  I was beginning a new life with delayed start.


I was completely isolated.  The only thing that kept me going was a belief that things would get better if I just kept working.  I studied successful people and businesses.  I spent at least two hours a day meditating.  I believed that eventually something was going work.  Eventually I would find the right combination of things.


Frantic to make things better, I became a seminar junkie, and went from coach to coach looking for solutions to my many problems.  My heart was in the right place, and I so desperately wanted to help other people and heal the world, but my mindset was off.  My emotional state was as broke as my bank account.


I spent a lot of years treading water and going nowhere.


We’re always called to help the people who are going though the things we’ve already overcome.  I knew there were valuable lessons I could pass on from this experience.


No matter how bad your life looks, there is always a way out.  Fear and worry can only control you if you let them.  Making the choice to shift your mindset is the first step to a better life.


You can choose peace over anger,

Happiness over sadness,

And love over fear and worry.


With this in mind, I kept going – kept plugging away.  More important than any other action, I knew that mindset was the key to success.


I became more focused.  More determined.  I wrangled in my thoughts and trained my brain to become efficient.


Though that long, hard process, I learned how to make it easy and streamlined.


That’s what I want to share with you:


How to delete anxiety, worry, and fear, and reprogram your brain for success.


I’ve already put in the work, time, and money to discover the best techniques for transforming your mindset.


Are you ready to experience neurological transformation?  Click here to learn more about working with me.




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